Ophonius have built their musical world upon original compositions for over ten years, contributing a personal and sensitive interpretation of contemporary music.

Elan is what best defines the quintet’s music. First stretched like a bridge between the lands of jazz and the far horizons of world music, it then withdraws inside itself, around diaphanous and intimist themes.

OPHONIUS 2012-10-14-02

Wind, the foundation of the sax-based instrumentarium, takes shape as a polychromic sound expression, where erudite music, improvisation and jazz meet. The drummer Fabien Eckert, a guest on the second album, and more recently the bass player Olivier Batlle, both joined the band to bring Ophonius the energy of a versatile rythmic part.

Ophonius performed in several festivals such as Europa Jazz, Les Rendez-Vous de l’Erdre, Altitude Jazz Festival in Briançon, the Alma Jazz festival in Bologna… Three albums have already marked the course of this musical adventure—Helvetic Atlas in 2004, L’Azur du globe in 2008, Poussières d’étoiles in 2016 —with a fourth album in the works.

The band’s musicians, two of whom are teachers and researchers in acoustics who love music, have also shared their works since 2010 during Scientific Concerts, a musical journey through the world of sound physics aimed at the general public.