Scientific Concerts explain acoustics physical events to the general public through multimedia presentations (including videos, animations, real-time analysis of sounds…) commented by teachers-researchers in acoustics in different atmospheres and with a music that is original both in its composition and its instrumentation.

Acoustics fundamental aspects mostly related to the audience’s own perception are presented during the concert. The session consists in one or more 45-minute thematic sequences.

The Science-Education-Art triptych makes this project one of its kind.

Science and Education

Two teachers-researchers from one of the largest acoustics lab in France (Laboratoire d’Acoustique de l’Université du Maine) take part in this project. They bring the expertise and the teaching experience needed to transmit scientific knowledge to the general public in the field of acoustics.

Ophonius invite the public to a scientific journey through the world of sound physics, of which prevention of hearing loss risks is an integral part.


With an unusual cast of teachers-researchers-musicians and professional musicians, Ophonius mingle art and science. Ophonius present here a purely acoustic approach (saxophones, bass and drums) with original and recognized music, as well as original staging.

Scientific Concerts are supported by Le Mans University which can offer reduced rates to institutions that would like to schedule this project. Contact us for more information.