Show “sound characteristics”

Sound Intensity and Prevention (45 min)

This show introduces sound propagation in material, acoustic pressure, sound intensity and risks associated to noise exposure.

Prevention of hearing loss risks is an integral part of this module about sound intensity. It is presented in a dynamic way with real-time sonometric measurements such as those of the venue’s background noise or of the very high sound levels at the drummer’s ears, for instance. This live demonstration is completed by several animations about sound levels, sound exposure and damage caused by acoustic trauma.

Pitch and timbre (45 min)

This show first introduces the concepts of musical period, frequency and height. The concept of spectrum is then introduced through the study of pure sounds (tuning fork, glass of water), followed by increasingly rich and complex sounds (flute, saxophone, drumming brushes). These sounds are analyzed and commented in real time with the help of a frequency spectrum showing the concepts of fundamental and harmonic frequencies for periodic sounds.

OPHONIUS 2012-10-14-27